Alexander Counseling + Consulting Services | Alexander Counseling + Consulting provides counseling, consulting and faith mentoring.
Alexander Counseling and Consulting specializes in treating ADHD and Childhood Disorders, Depression, Stress, OCD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction Issues, Adjustments to Chronic Medical Conditions, Life Coaching and Spiritual Issues.
ADHD, Alexander County, Hickory, North Carolina, Statesville, Lenoir, Wilkes, Childhood Disorders, Depression, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Counseling, Stress, OCD, ABI, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction Issues, Life Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Spiritual Issues, Therapy, CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, FAITH MENTORING
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Alexander Counseling + Consulting offers a variety of services for clients.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is primarily used to address the following disorders or personal growth issues.

Child & Adolescent Services

Alexander Counseling + Consulting provides child & adolescent services for the following concerns: ADHD Assessments and Treatment, School or Academic Problems, Childhood Depression, Anxiety or Stress, Behavior or Conduct Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Learning Disorders, Substance Abuse, Grief Issues, Problems Related to Abuse, and Eating/Elimination Disorders.

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Adult Services

Alexander Counseling + Consulting provides adult services for the following concerns: Depression/Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders (PTSD, Phobias, OCD, Agoraphobia), Vocational or Employment Problems, Relationship Problems (Partner/Spouse/Children, Blended Families, etc.), Adjustment to Chronic Illness, Bereavement and Grief Issues, Personality Disorders, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Spiritual Issues, and Stress.

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Consulting Services

Alexander Counseling provides consulting services to individuals, organizations, and businesses. These services include but are not limited to seminar or conference planning, professional topic presentations, workplace or educational assessments and problem solving.

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ABI & TBI Services

Alexander Counseling + Consulting provides ABI/TBI services for both survivors and care givers. We work to help each survivor obtain goals of independent living, community participation and employment where possible. Treatment options include counseling for adjustment issues for both survivors and family members, cognitive therapy to develop new strategies and techniques for activities of daily living, and help for depression, anxiety, substance use or behavioral concerns associated with brain injury.

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+ Christian Counseling & Faith Mentoring +

Upon request, counseling services will be provided from a Christian perspective, utilizing prayer, scripture, and Biblical principles. These services are available for couples, families, and individuals to address conflict, grief or loss, and personal issues.


Faith Mentoring is specifically designed to assist an individual in strengthening his/her daily walk with Christ. Discipleship through prayer and scriptural reading is the ultimate goal!

+ Important ABI & TBI Links for Survivors & Caregivers +

The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC) is the only organization in North Carolina whose mission is specifically to help address the needs of the survivors of brain injury, and help prevent brain injuries across the state. We offer help, hope, and a voice, for people with brain injuries and their families.


The Brain Injury Association of America’s mission is to advance brain injury prevention, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury. We are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury. With a network of state affiliates, local chapters, and support groups, we are the voice of brain injury.


Lash & Associates Publishing/Training Inc. started as a dream by a few people who had a vision of founding a publishing company specializing in brain injury that was different than the academic and medical publishers. Marilyn Lash has over 35 years’ experience working with persons with disabilities and their families in medical, rehabilitation, educational and vocational settings. Her primary focus is supporting families and developing community programs along with user-friendly publications for families, educators, and clinicians.