Alexander Counseling + Consulting Services | Alexander Counseling + Consulting provides counseling, consulting and faith mentoring.
Alexander Counseling and Consulting specializes in treating ADHD and Childhood Disorders, Depression, Stress, OCD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction Issues, Adjustments to Chronic Medical Conditions, Life Coaching and Spiritual Issues.
ADHD, Alexander County, Hickory, North Carolina, Statesville, Lenoir, Wilkes, Childhood Disorders, Depression, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Counseling, Stress, OCD, ABI, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction Issues, Life Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Spiritual Issues, Therapy, CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, FAITH MENTORING
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+ Counseling Approaches, Methods & Relationships +

Your counselor employs an eclectic model, which means several different methods are used or combined to aid you in your personal growth journey. Among these approaches are techniques associated with Adlerian Therapy, Reality Therapy, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. Your counselor has had appropriate training in all of the methods utilized.

The relationship between a counselor and a client is unique.

Since each client is unique and presents a different challenge or issue(s) to address, an individualized approach is designed to meet your specific need(s). Techniques such as contracts, journaling, or bibliotherapy may be used. You may be asked to complete assignments and to examine your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors both during and between counseling sessions. Your willingness to do so will, to a great extent, determine your progress and outcome. We will periodically evaluate the course of your treatment.


Personal growth generally requires change in one or more areas of life. At different times and levels, experiencing that change might be stimulating, challenging, frustrating, or painful for a client. Your counselor is trained to recognize and help you through these feelings as you encounter them.


The relationship between a counselor and a client is unique. During counseling sessions many psychologically intimate thoughts and feelings may be shared. Because of their supportive and nurturing roles, counselors are sometimes viewed by clients as friends. Please remember, however, that your counselor must maintain a professional, rather than social relationship with you. This is to ensure that your best interests are served, which would be difficult if a dual relationship were established.

+ Session Length, Financial Obligations & Reimbursement +

Counseling sessions will be established at a mutually agreed upon time and date. It is the responsibility of the client to keep the appointments set. If an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled, it should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying for the session(s) you missed. A regular session will last approximately 50 minutes.


Full payment, or your established copay, is expected the day services are rendered. You may pay with cash or a personal check. Monthly receipts/bills will be issued.


Alexander Counseling provides filing services should you wish to seek reimbursement from your health insurance company. Please be advised that some companies will, while others may not, reimburse clients for services rendered by a Licensed Professional Counselor. You may wish to check with your provider. Remember that ultimately you, rather than your insurance company, are responsible for paying the established fee.